Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The art of story telling and branding

This promotional video from Dunhill, that shows one of it's cases being made by a master craftsman, is testament to the art of storytelling and the resulting perceived value it brings to an object. This video apparently raised the sales of this case by 500% within 2 weeks after the video was shown. Even if this isn't true, the video has a huge emotional story attached to it that raises the brand awareness and definitely makes it more clear why this case costs $3,200. 

As you watch the detailing and swiftness that this master craftsman goes through as he assemblies pieces of material and carefully sews them together, you are taken back to a time when all things were made this way. You are reminded that somethings are taught and handed down from master to apprentice, over years of study. We see the difference between hand crafted versus production line automation, the value that human touch and detail can bring to an object. It is in perfect alignment with the brand of Dunhill in this instance, a company that was first established in 1893 as a saddlery business, which then progressed to motor cars and now covers all kinds of men's leather luxury goods, as well as, timepieces, fragrances and clothing.

The power of this marketing piece lies in the unwritten, or spoken story that forms in your mind as you see the case come together. This is not only a strong way to tell a story relying heavily on the visuals, but leaves a lasting impression. The value of the item goes up because you imagine how hard and difficult it must be to be so exact. Suddenly you are compelled to want one and buy into the story. So now the case now has something more valuable than the just the name it has a history, that goes back generations.

A very nicely put together piece, and a story well told that does wonders for the Dunhill brand, I definitely wish I could afford one.

Watch it here. or Below

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