Thursday, February 23, 2012

Harmut Esslinger - 6 Steps for Starting a Design Agency

Harmut Esslinger, one of the original founders of Frog design says in his book "A Fine Line" that he created 6 rules in starting his business. I think these are very noble goals and have proven there worth in the success that he and his company Frog, has achieved over the last 43 years.

1. Look for “hungry” clients who want to go to the top;
2. Be business-minded and do great work for my clients, not for myself;
3. Get famous—not as an egotistic artist, but as a visionary;
4. Use that fame as working capital to build the company;
5. Build the best global design company ever; and
6. Always look for the best people—as employees, partners, and clients.

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