Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why do you Blog?

Small article discussing the reasons people blog. I know that personally I started blogging to fill in the gap I felt I had with having knowledge and wanting to find others that were interested. Some people make money from blogging and have other motivations, but I believe most do it as an outlet for creativity and self expression.

Seth Godin somes it up nicely.

"I blog because I don't really have a choice. The ideas in me insist on being shared, and this is the least painful way I can find to do it!"

Other reasons the article puts forward include.

  • To maintain a routine- motivation and accountability
  • To hone the craft of writing
  • To air new and provocative ideas
  • To spread cutting-edge information or timely opinion
  • To connect with a like-minded community
  • To forward the tradition of storytelling
  • To build resume or clout
  • To express creativity
  • To find catharsis after a traumatic event
  • To attract web traffic
  • To rant or vent
  • To see our names in print - ego

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